Safe and Effective Cleaning for Today's Sensitive Surfaces

From dust-bunnies to dirt-devils, fingerprints to face oil, your delicate screens are attracting the wrong crowd.

Electronic products are literally magnets for dust and other particulates, and this accumulated dirt can harm and actualy dim all your displays, from the cell phone in your wallet to that 50-inch plasma on your wall. And as cool as it is, today's touch-screen technology gets dirtier faster than ever (ever used your iPhone after you ate a greasy burger?)





Regular maintenance with CleanScreen™ will prevent the damaging effects of dust, while actually polishing the viewing surface, so you can see everything bright and clear.

CleanScreen™ is the original — we were the first company to clearly see the need for a cleaning formula that would thoroughly remove all the dirt without degrading the screen's surface. This is important, because many glass and window cleaners on the market today contain chemicals that can permanently damage polymer monitor screens. The CleanScreen formula of specially developed solvents is all-natural and non-abrasive, so you end up with just a clean, polished screen.